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YHWH is Our God,  YHWH Alone.
Welcome to the Ebionite Jewish Community.

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This Site is being redesigned after almost 15 years!! Our desire is that you know we were the first and the only real ebionite site. We are not Christian, Messianic, and reject Jesus of Nazareth as a savior, a god, or messiah. 

Missionary Cult Alert: Christian "Sid Roth" calling himself an "Israeli and a Jew" wrote a book often placed in Judaica shelves at bookstores like Half Price Books recounting miracles attributed to Satan (via Jesus of Nazareth). Jews are receiving this book without any identification of sender on a white envelope to "current resident" etc. They have gotten addresses from email lists and information volunteered by your friends, neighbors, or family.

If this person is a Jew he surely realizes that luring Jews away from G-d warrants a death sentence. Kidnapping a Jew warrants a death sentence.

A person preying upon Jews, especially unlearned or underage people rates the same treatment a pedophile does. A parent or guardian standing by is an accomplice.


We want everyone to know immediately that the Ebionites are not Christians or messianics. Jesus of Nazareth is/was not the messiah, a savior, or part of a godhead. Thinking so is evil and blasphemy. His teachings do not constitute a new or different way to God. It is our goal to show that Judaism is the religion of God, and that worshiping Jesus is a grave sin, but also there is no historically legitimate reason for Christianity. Christian religion was never the intention of Jesus. We see Christianity as a horribly evil religion. We are not a "church" or competing movement within Judaism. Contact a local non-messianic synagogue for regular guidance and worship. Our view regarding theology is based on historical Jesus studies. Jesus is dead.



The Ebionite Manifesto

The Ebionite Community is the living continuation of the Jewish religious movement of Jesus. Christianity is the religion of Paul and others, and not part of the biblical faith and revelation of the God of Israel nor is it of Jesus. (Please note that we have used "Jesus" to clarify for our Christian readers. We call him Yeshua or Yahshua, and will use Yeshua from this point on in the site.)

We declare the man Paul of Tarsus, the false teacher against the mark of Covenant and God's Torah, to be outside of the Way taught by Yeshua, the anointed, son of Maria and Yoseif. The Ebionite Community is the only real "mission to the gentiles."

We call upon the gentiles to repent, to abandon paganism and the perverse testament, and enter into true covenant through Torah, circumcision, and immersion in order to submit and prepare for the Reign of God as brothers exhibiting good works. (How can you talk about accepting God or His "kingdom" at some future event or time if you reject His rules clearly given now?)

To follow Yeshua, may he rest in peace, you must not worship him or any man, but instead be what Yeshua was, a Jew. Yeshua was a man who died and was buried, and finding his bones does not effect the value of many of his recorded teachings, the core of these still buried beneath Christian additions, alterations, and falsifications. His value to us has nothing to do with fairy tales and miracles, divinity or resurrection. We already have the God of Israel so Yeshua is no replacement for Him nor can Yeshua's words nullify God's commandments.   

Yeshua is not a god, not a sacrifice for sin, or savior. Such beliefs go against God. God's commandments have not been "done away with" or "nailed to the cross" but instead make up the single testament and Instructions for life to mankind.  We ask you to honestly consider the fruit of other religions without explaining away their sins and failures to deliver a godly world; the millions of people they have murdered for "God" even other denominations of their own religion; and all the unbiblical ways in which they claim to honor their god. Deep down you know that neither God or the man Yeshua can truly be present in these religions. The God of Israel has more to give than Christianity or Islam (both of which are just altered, weakened versions of Israel's faith). Biblical faith  has more to offer than any other religion.

Is your faith based on a god that hates you and wants to burn you? You need to keep seeking for the real God, the God of Israel, Who created you and loves you.

Are you a Jew who has become indistinguishable from your gentile friends and your Synagogue reminds you of a church?  Have you apostatized from God to Christianity? Return to God. We will help you.

Yahwism, the faith of the Written Torah of the Bible given by the One God, Yahweh,  is a revolutionary system of life with justice that can supersede all other systems of government and ideologies. The Evyonim (Ebionites) are Yahwists above all else. It allows for One Ruler, the God of Israel alone, with none beside Him. God is not man, and no man is divine. No man can make you right with God except yourself, and only you can atone for your sins through repentance and reparation to Him and your fellow man. You will never find God, Yahweh King of the Universe, world within worlds, worlds without end, in a church or shrine, kneeling before statues, sticks, stones, or men. Tear down your church. Take the wood and stones and build houses for the poor; take the sticks for firewood; sell the treasure and idols to buy food and heal the sick; bring all men in love to bend the knee to the God of Israel.

In the beginning the followers of Yeshua (Y'shua, Yahshua, Y'hoshua), may he rest in peace, did not worship him or look to him for salvation. They did not turn away, add or subtract from God's commandments (Torah). They worshipped only the God of Israel. In a time when too many of the Jewish elite were conforming to gentile practices and abandoning or compromising the simple laws of God, living off of exploitation of the poor as gentiles do, Yeshua came with a message from God. Like the prophets before him, he identified the sinners, called for repentance and the return (reform) to Torah as a way of righteousness and justice.

As God's covenant teaches, to ignore God's covenant instructions (Torah) would bring apostasy, economic collapse, destruction, and exile to his People, as it had in the past. The priesthood and the high priest (appointed by the gentile occupation force of Rome) had failed to be the religious leaders they were charged to be. The king was a puppet of evil Rome, and had adopted pagan values and its pursuit of wealth built on the backs of slaves and the poor.

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 Commerce was god and the rich exploited the lower classes to gather offerings to themselves. Some Pious Jews (Pharisees) tried to keep Torah by accommodating it to allow living Jewish under the boot of gentiles until all their effort went to making new laws to study. Some Jews went to the wilderness, escaping into a world mythological explanations and remedies, waiting for the inevitable collapse (Essenes). Some became freedom fighters (or terrorists) against the Romans and gentiles. Many wished for a messiah that would show them the way to end pagan domination, usually through armed resistance.

Yeshua pushed the veil of this world aside to see and teach that there is only God, His Covenant, and People of that Covenant, and that this relationship could be restored at any time. It waited in the wings, ready to burst forth whenever people would accept God's Reign instead of corruptible kings, priests, and retainers of the gentile status quo driven by wealth and exploitation.

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He tried to show that if God's Torah was internalized―the Covenant renewed and written on the heart―and all other authority was rejected as invalid, and illegitimate, then coercion, violence, greed, exploitation, injustice, falseness, and even government would fall away like scales from our eyes. The blessings of the Covenant would be realized, Israel would become the light to all the gentiles, and they too would turn to the God of Israel. In this way, every man would be anointed by God, as he was, and the spirit of holiness―the heart opened to the Creator of the universe and to His good creation, world within world, world without end―would guide us to repair the world and be partners with God, tending the world like a garden. This man, Yeshua, the son of Yoseif and Maryam, was a prophet who proclaimed God and His way to save us from a planet outside of a relationship with God, was embraced by many of the exploited poor ('evyonim) crying out for God's justice. After his anti-authority teachings made him a threat to the authoritarian rule of Rome, he was arrested and executed as most insurrectionists were. His movement continued after his death, led by a few close followers and his brother Ya`aqov (James) in economic cooperative communities remembering and honoring Yeshua as their anointed teacher, prophet, and martyr. This was a Jewish movement in every way. (And the Ebionites of today are still biblically observant Jews, circumcised according to Covenant with God.)


Evyoni Fonts

The Palaeo-Hebrew TrueType font and versions have been used now over 20 years! First developed for ChiWriter and MegaWriter DOS multilingual word processors they have been used in BibleWorks and Logos offerings.

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But then something happened. We can never be quite sure how it came about whether due to guilt, psychosis, the desire to bring a merger of Jewish and gentile culture (Hellenism), a pagan reinterpretation of scripture, induced hallucinations (or visions), as a scheme to pacify Yeshua's movement by the Romans, or simply ignorance of scripture, or a combination of all of these. But as a result came Christianity, a religion devised by Paul of Tarsus and his followers as a direct perversion of Yeshua's movement and an attack on Israel and its God. One need only look at Christianity's pagan theology and syncretistic practices, and its history of persecution of God's Chosen People, and insatiable hunger for souls, nations, and wealth; the ruthless imposition of its religious authority; its imposed censorship of any view but its own; the millions, and millions of dead sacrificed to its god, and know that the Christian religion is not of God.

Today the Ebionites are informing people who care about the true mission of Yeshua, and about the false system of belief introduced by Paul of Tarsus and other deceivers, and the culture that has grown up around their lies. We are not rabbinic, or Qaraite, nor messianic, but respect all forms of Yahwism (that is, the monotheistic faith in God whose Name is Yahweh). In fact, we encourage Jews to remain Jews, but we instruct seeking gentiles to attach themselves to the Yahwistic Faith of Israel whether it be Ebionite, rabbinic, or Qaraite type. (And many have done just that!) We extend the fringe of our tallits to gentiles who seek the God of Israel and His holy Torah, and we defeat the Christian disciples of Paul who missionize Jews and others.

  Ebionites are not gnostic; don't be misled by the ignorant.

Our approach is to show that Yeshua, may he rest in peace, was a good man, and righteous man who wanted to bring social reform, repentance, conversion, and thus bring the Messiah and Reign of God—not a pagan god-man human sacrifice. Such nonsense is the antithesis of everything for which Yeshua taught and stood. We do not say this to condemn any other religion. Nor do we believe that the adherents of other religions are "damned." Instead, we want to repeat Yeshua's message of repentance in preparation of the imminent day in which God will rule and all will be blessed. Christianity and Islam are not faiths of God.  But Christianity and Islam can, with God's mercy, become processes in which gentiles can learn about God and advance to the Yahwistic Faith. As religions in their own right, great evil is done by them. For example, the deaths of millions of Jews, and others, including the attempted genocide of the holocaust, are the direct result of Christianity and Christian culture. Some Muslims would perpetrate a new holocaust if left unhindered. The remedy for such evil is the end of both Christianity and Islam.

Yeshua fought against the hypocrites claiming to represent God during his own time. He spoke for victims and was one himself, and continues to be as his message is perverted by Christians who impersonate Yeshua's followers in order to serve the powerful and victimize the ignorant. But Yeshua's message is that 'God alone will rule; turn to God.'

We fully believe the message of the Prophets who preceded Yeshua:

  • The gentiles (including Christians) will turn away from their idolatry and sin to acknowledge God and His servant Israel.

  • YHWH, our only savior, through His Torah, will reign over a world of peace and understanding.

  • Torah will be written on the hearts of all and observed with justice and loving-devotion.

  • The meek will indeed inherit the earth and the exploitation will end.

We invite you learn more about us by reading topics in The Evyonim. Did you know that we have been online since 1996 previously at Geocities and Tripod? Since then wannabe "Ebionites" have popped up under New Age, Gnostic, Vegetarian, and even Christian groups. They're not us.


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